Frequently Asked Questions

As part of our strategy of driving business on the road and supporting commercial vehicles, our lobbying teams are already on the ground and developing coach specific policy encompassing all commercial road users.

No, all commercial road users that drive business on our roads.

When our lobbing teams are engaged on specific coach issues, we will use the benefits of the RHA Coach specialist group to add support to drive policy.

The RHA seeks not to talk over additional support but in fact, to use its voice to deliver for all members including coach operators.

79.9% of existing members operate less than 15 vehicles, so we truly represent the SME sector already.


That structure of regionality already exists with national teams and events which will now encompass coaches as commercial road users.

As one of the key issues for coach operators this will form a key part of our policy work.

The RHA has the current knowledge which will develop our policy strategy.


An introductory offer will reflect the challenges of the sector with prices confirmed in the coming weeks.

The RHA has stakeholder engagement at all levels of government to influence decision making, for example see Clean Air Zones withdrawal in five major cities and three currently engaged with potential changes. Please see our original webinar for more details.


We have memberships to cover both trucks and coaches but we recognise the challenges in the coach sector with will be reflected in our first year offer.



Yes, The RHA has dropped the use of the Name The Road Haulage Association and transitioned to being known as the RHA.

We are happy to answer any queries and each query can be assessed.

We are actively exploring with service providers to be able to provide these services.

We have no expectation about member or revenue numbers, our focus is delivering support to this sector who drive business on our roads

Year one is a bundled package to assist operators with year two onwards being a sliding scale per vehicle regardless of size.


We estimate that we are about 80% there in terms of knowledge now with a plan to have additional resource with four weeks to fill any void.

Yes,  Quarter two of 2021

We are represented in all the devolved nations and have on the ground representation at local level across all regions, so whilst head officed in Peterborough we are truly nationwide.

We can’t offer and guarantee but assure you we will lobby and campaign with the same intensity that we do on all issues.

There is no expectation but the investment we make is scalable to support

With the ever increasing focus on the green agenda we recognise that a study by the Department of Transport, in partnership with the National Atmospheric Emission Inventory found that coach travel has the least harmful environment impact of every mode of transport, excluding active travel. For example, a single journey from London to Edinburgh in a standard coach results in an average 9.2kg of CO2 emissions per passenger. In contrast, the very same journey would result in the following emissions per passenger:
• Plane – 96.4kg
• Car – 71kg
• Train – 11.9kg